Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is an interactive computer simulation using calculation power of super computers.

Students should investigate and become familiar with Kepler's laws, Newton's theory of gravitation, motion in gravitational field, three body problem and super computers before they start to play. Shooting Stars is a physics puzzle game where you get to control the planets of a star system. Simulate orbiting planets and gravitational forces in the searing heat of the sun. See how many planets you can keep in orbit. Test your skills in many ways, with different scenarios that give you a taste of the world of supercomputer simulation PRACE offers.


' to make observations
' to learn empirical testing
' to create the 'Design for the study'
' to repeat the test
' to evaluate the reliability of prediction
' to contact the single facts and common theory
' to understand the nature of creating scientific research process
' to advance the thinking skills from concrete to more abstract understanding level

Main learning activities
' to repeat the three basic forms of kinematics: speed, acceleration and force
' to get more realistic understanding of the satellite motion in general
' to deepening the understanding of the gravity
' to understand the connection between motion and gravitational force
' to know the limits and dangers of space flights
' to do hands-on empirical testing using simulation
' to use the technical equipment for testing
' to recognize the difference between reality and symbolic simulation by the Augmenter Reality (AR)
' to learn the nature of collisions
' to summarize the idea traveling in space as scientific theory

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