SCY - Science Created by YOU

SCY aims to take science education to the next level by developing a flexible, open-ended learning environment that engages and empowers adolescent learners. Within this learning environment -called SCY-Lab- students embark on authentic 'SCY missions' that can be completed through constructive and productive learning activities. The SCY philosophy of learning is 'learning by designing artifacts'. SCY-Lab provides adaptive support for these activities through providing students with pedagogical scaffolds, collaboration facilities, and peer assessment and social tagging tools. Students' products (so-called Emerging Learning Objects) are saved in a repository and can be re-used by learners themselves and by other learners.

Take a look at the lesson/education scenario for ideas to use in the classroomPDF icon1_1_A healthy Pizza.pdf

PDF icon1_7_A CO2 friendly house.pdf

PDF icon1_19_Forensic science.pdf

Attention Teachers- if you plan to use the lesson/education scenario please giveus your feedback afterwards! Save thislinkto completethe short evaluation form. Thank You.

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