Panagyota Argyri

Model Experimental Evangeliki High School of Smyrna - Greece

Panagyota Argyri is amathematician and teaches Algebra and Geometry to students ranging between 15 and 18 years old. She also includes many interdisciplinary scenarios in science e.g Maths and Biology , Maths and Physics.
Panagyotais an active use of ISE resources. She also submitted an entry to the 2014-2015 Learning with Light competition, which was of such high quality that it was Highly Commended.

Learning with Light competition entry

Panagyota's entry to the competition is called " Playing with light and colors". Describing her entry Panagyota says:

We chose the project according to the curriculum in the Greek educational system. Students were surprised with the results of the experiments and enjoyed this project. They were excited when they concluded the difference between the colors in addition and color in subtraction. The most important aspect is that they collaborated, exchanged ideas and discussed the implementations of the properties of the color of light for painters and photographers.In the end, they shared ideas and explained why the sky has ablue color and how the rainbow can be formed when white light passes through a drop of water.

We could provide inquiry learning spaces using ISE tools making science education more challenging. Light Competition give teachers opportunity to organise innovative teaching material and practices about light and big ideas of science.

Here are some of the resources Panagyota used in her entry: