Nikolaos Nerantzis

Tee & Epal Eidikis Agogis (Serres) - Special Vocational School of Serres - Greece

Nikolaos Nerantzis is a Physics teacher in secondary education in a special vocational school in Greece.Nikolaos is an active use of ISE resources and participates regularly in ISE activities in Greece. He also submitted, together with his colleague Sotirios Mandiliotis, an entry to the 2014-2015 Learning with Light competition, which was considered to be one of the top 5 entries to the competition by the judges. As a finalist, Nikolaos took part in the Science on Stage festival in London on 17-20 June 2015 where the overall winner of the competition was announced.

Poster with experiments of the school year 2012-2013
Poster for Phase II

Learning with Light competition entry

Nikolaos's and Sotirios's entry to the competition is called "Lasers & Bubbles", a description can be found here.Describing their entryNikolaos and Sotiriossaid:

Our project combined prior knowledge, visit to a scientific lab, self-motivated team-working students, exploring as researchers, describing as scientists, inquiring and explaining, visiting & interacting with a museum's apparatuses. The educational outcome is stable knowledge about the core scientific ideas of atom, radiation and the interaction between them, better relationship between teachers and students, positive self-esteem of the students and educational material. The project's approach is not a typical/common didactic approach to Hellenic Schools. As teachers we saw our students acting, asking questions to trying and trying again and being happy. We succeeded to integrate the emotion component in learning, cooperation and consistency & continuity to teaching.

Here are some of the resources Sotirios used in his entry: