Mihaela Garabet

'Grigore Moisil' National College, Bucharest, Romania

Mihaela Garabet teaches Physics, Science and ICTto students ranging between 12 and 19 years old.

Sheis an active use of ISE resources.


Mihaela also worked on the development of the Romanian ISE demonstrators for Astronomy, Science and Physics lessons, namely the following:

  • Following Curiosity on Mars http://tools.inspiringscience.eu/delivery/view/index.html?id=d93824f5b89746c9bea155ba4b6fbd25&t=p
  • The Blue Planet http://tools.inspiringscience.eu/delivery/view/index.html?id=4ca6689c694143f6af473a71356c2abf&t=p
  • Is sky the limit? - A journey between stars http://tools.inspiringscience.eu/delivery/view/index.html?id=26cf0bfacc0647bfad1ffcecca235a6a&t=p
  • Finding a new house for humans in the outer space http://tools.inspiringscience.eu/delivery/view/index.html?id=b547e01954c4438a84f5026fe36803cd&t=p