Lorena Elena Olaru

'Ioan Vlduiu', Secondary School, Ludu, Mure county, Romania

Lorena's teaching career started in 1985. She is currently teaching Physics, Chemistry and ICT to 11 to 15 year old students. She is addicted to teaching and always looking to improve her teaching and learning skills. Lorena has a particular interest in using ICT in the classroom and loves to share ideas and resources.

Lorena took part in two 'Inspiring Science Education' workshops and one teaching scenarios national contests. She gained a deeper understanding of how to implement inquiry practices in the classroom, using WorldWide Telescope.

According to social constructivism, knowledge is created by learners in the context and as a result of social interaction. This approach is reflected in particular by the use of ISE tools, which acts as a mediator between students and between students and teachers, respectively, and collaborative learning is based on constructivism.

Among the ISE resources that Lorena uses are: