Henna Anunti

Valtari Upper Comprehensive School and li Upper Secondary School, Ii, Finland

Henna Anunti is a geography, biology and health science teacher to students aged between 13-19 years old. Her aim in developing teaching practises is to use technology in science education in a pedagogically relevant way. Her recent focus has been in strengthening the students' geospatial thinking skills by utilising geomedia. Digital learning environments and resources, such as the ISE and the ODS, greatly support and assist the use of ICT in her collaborative learning and teaching projects. Her attendance at the GEOTHNK Summer School 2015 in Athens has further motivated her to develop inspiring and innovative science education.

Henna also submitted an entry to the 2015-2016 ISE Learning Scenario competition, which was considered to be one of the top 7 entries to the competition by the judges.As a finalist, Henna took part in the Inspiring Science Education Conference 2016in Athens on 22-24 April 2016 where the overall winner of the competition was announced.

ISE Learning Scenario entry

Henna's entry to the competition is called "Signs of Seasons -Winter Case Study'. Describing her entry Henna says:

Phenological research (the study of nature phenomena related to the change of seasons) can be carried out as field research with students. Observations are collected by using the GIS applications on mobile devices. The Earth's position in relation to the sun can be modeled using drawing software at the time of research; for example during winter and summer solstice, and/or vernal and autumnal equinox. This enables the students to comprehend the Earth's seasonal changes caused by the combined effect of the 23.5 degree tilted angle as well as the Earths revolution around the Sun.