George Vaju

Colegiul Tehnic Grigore Moisil Bistrita, Romania

George teaches Physics and Computer Science in high secondary school, at C.T. Grigore Moisil from Bistrita. His students are 14 to 19 years old. He teaches all chapters of general Physics, i.e. optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, atom's physics and nuclear physics. During teaching process George uses different methods of simulating experiments, educational soft, games, media resources. He tries to combine in an harmonious way classical methods with new ones offered by modern techniques.

In 2015, George has begun using ISE resources and instruments for the activities posted on portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu.

For the contest one can see the scenarios effectively applied with students:

  • Measuring the temperature
  • Nuclear fission and fusion reactions
  • Universal attraction law
  • Electromagnetic Effect. Magnetic field


External resources
  • http://esamultimedia.esa.int/multimedia/ESA_project_zero_gravity/ESA1_fra.mp4
  • https://phet.colorado.edu/ro/simulation/gravity-force-lab
  • http://education.web.cern.ch/education/Chapter2/Teaching/games/LHCGame
  • http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/repository-tool-ideas
  • http://www.esa.int/esaKIDSen/SEMM5DN9Y1I_ga.html
  • http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/content/lhc-game-677095
  • https://phet.colorado.edu/ro/simulation/legacy/energy-forms-and-changes
  • https://phet.colorado.edu/ro/simulation/legacy/magnets-and-electromagnets
  • https://phet.colorado.edu/ro/simulation/legacy/faraday
  • https://phet.colorado.edu/ro/simulation/legacy/magnet-and-compass