Eratosthenes Experiment

Following in Eratosthenes' footsteps: an ancient experiment in schools around the world!

The Eratosthenes Experiment calculates the circumference of the Earth by using eLearning educational tools and simple instruments, repeating the experiment of the Greek mathematician, Eratosthenes (276 BC-194 BC). It is this experiment that enabled Eratosthenes to prove the sphericity of the Earth and to measure its circumference.

The organizers aim to turn this international educational activity into an important world event, giving students, teachers and parents from around the world the opportunity to actively engage in building online learning communities, exchanging ideas and material through innovative initiatives, such as the Open Discovery Space and the Inspiring Science Education projects.

Read about the 2014Experimenthere.

Take a look at the lessons/education scenarios for ideas to use in the classroom:
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Learn more about the 2015 Eratosthenes Experiment.