Inspiring Science Education Affiliation Programme

As part of its effort to provide as open and extensive a service to science teachers in Europe, the Inspiring Science Education Project is committed to establishing partnerships with relevant organisations, initiatives and projects as well as tool and service providers.

The ISE Affiliation Programme features three types of partners:

  • Tool and service providers
    Those who have agreed to provide ISE with relevant tools and services.
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  • Organisations actively engaged in supporting science education
    Relevant organisations that don't provide ISE with tools and services but for whom ISE provides a useful service and who in turn can help in promoting ISE within their organisation ' e.g. teacher training colleges, science education innovation units in universities, schools, ministerial departments, innovation agencies, etc.
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  • National and European project consortia, networks and initiatives
    Project consortia, networks andEuropean organisations engaged in innovating science education with whom ISE shares a common vision. Many of these projects provide ISE with relevant content.
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Partners who join the ISE Affiliation Programme can expect the following benefits:

  • Teachers and students using the ISE portal will be given direct access to the tool and/or service provided by the affiliated tool and/or service provider through the ISE portal, so promoting use of the tool and/or service to the thousands of teachers who access ISE on a regular basis.
  • The availability of the tool/service will be highlighted on the ISE website and social media channels through relevant news stories, announcement, etc.
  • For affiliated organisations and initiatives, the main benefits include direct access to the services and communities that ISE represent as well as the promotional value that such affiliation offers.
  • The inclusion of affiliated organisations and initiatives in ISE will be highlighted on the ISE website and social media channels through relevant news stories, announcement, etc.

Becoming an affiliated partner

To become an affiliated partner, please complete the application form. We will get back to you within 10 days of receiving this form and if accepted will invite you to sign an affiliation agreement which describes the responsibilities of both the affiliated partner and ISE. Download a copy of the draft affiliation agreement for tool and/or service providers or the draft affiliation agreement for organisations and projects.