SCY - Science Created by YOU

SCY aims to take science education to the next level by developing a flexible, open-ended learning environment that engages and empowers adolescent learners. Within this learning environment -called SCY-Lab- students embark on authentic 'SCY missions' that can be completed through constructive and productive learning activities. The SCY philosophy of learning is 'learning by designing artifacts'. SCY-Lab provides adaptive support for these activities through providing students with pedagogical scaffolds, collaboration facilities, and peer assessment and social tagging tools.


The project Sun4All aims to promote science in general and astronomy in particular. The project is based on an asset of over 30000 images of the Sun (spectroheliograms) that are kept at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra, as result of a work of over 80 years of daily solar observations, started in 1926. This is a Sun observation collection of great scientific value.

Science Center to Go

The Science Center to Go (SCeTGo) project aims to bridge the gap between formal & informal education, to promote science learning at all levels, and to assist in ensuring that science not only holds a high place in teaching curricula but also promotes creative problem solving and learning-by-doing. The overall objective, through the exploitation of AR, is to integrate experiential learning & supporting materials provided by scientists & educators into a comprehensive knowledge base for learning open to the public.

Virtual Labs

This online simulation of a chemistry lab helps students link chemical computations with authentic laboratory chemistry. Selecting from many standard substances, you can conduct experiments in acid-base chemistry, thermochemistry, solubility, and redox chemistry.


Students work with an interactive DNA-model to learn about DNA structure. They will find out about the typical working methods in a genetic laboratory and carry out two experiments: