SCY - Science Created by YOU

SCY aims to take science education to the next level by developing a flexible, open-ended learning environment that engages and empowers adolescent learners. Within this learning environment -called SCY-Lab- students embark on authentic 'SCY missions' that can be completed through constructive and productive learning activities. The SCY philosophy of learning is 'learning by designing artifacts'. SCY-Lab provides adaptive support for these activities through providing students with pedagogical scaffolds, collaboration facilities, and peer assessment and social tagging tools.

Open Science Resources

Access digital collections from European science centres and museums through the Open Science Resources (OSR) portal. Explore the OSR Repository for materials including images, videos, lesson plans, projects and more. Create and upload your own content using the OSR Tool-Box.

Take a look at thelesson/education scenarioRiver of Life for ideas to use in the classroom

Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Monitoring and Research in South Ecuador

One of the main objectives of this program is to conduct capacity building and training on all levels, ranging from university to local communities. It is a co-operating partnership between Ecuadorian and German Universities as well as others from outside the University.

Energiespiel Bayern

An online simulation about the turnaround from fossil to renewable energy.

Take a look at the lesson/education scenario Energy - Today and Tomorrowfor ideas to use in the classroom

RHS Campaign for School Gardening

Want to create a school garden but don't know how to start'

You will find lots of resources including garden types, planning, pests and diseases, book list, useful websites and much more.

Take a look at the lesson/education scenarioMy School Gardenfor ideas to use in the classroom


At theDepartment of Instructional Technologyat the University of Twente, we are developing software that allows students in primary and secondary education to create computer models to understand the world. SCYDynamics is our version of a System Dynamics modeling software. You can use it to create and run models in the System Dynamics modeling language.


Find out more about the superorganism that is a honeybee colony. Observe live-camera or recorded broadcasts from within the hive and measure data from the colony's natural environment.

Here is a Bee word cloud HOBOS cloud_english.jpgand a short HOBOS video