On this page you will find information on STEM related competitions. Check back regularly for updates and watch out for information on the 1st Inspiring Science Education Competition to be launched later this year.

  • Helsinki Challenge - the Best for the World

    The Helsinki Challenge is looking for solutions to both global challenges and the future of the welfare state. Choose from five themes and enter now!

    Themes: Environmental Change; Health and Wellbeing; Future Learning, Global Helsinki, New World View

  • Make the Right Move: Inspire Science Education

    Competition for Croatian teachers.

    This Croatian competition, organized by the CroatianAcademicandResearch Network - CARNet, aims at spreading the usage of ICT inteaching science subjects and topics. Competitors will compete intechnology enhanced learning in the area of natural and technicalsciences,engineering,technology, informatics and similar.

  • Using Smartphones to Measure Physics in Amusement Parks

    Teams of students have to measure acceleration, apparent weight and height of amusement park rides using their smartphones. There are two awards to compete for -Best Attraction in Europe and Best Experiment Report. The competition is organised by Science on Stage Europe and eTwinning.

    Deadline - January 2015

  • inGenious Poster Competition

    Make a class poster about your inGenious activity in one of four categories. More details of the InGenious project are available on the link. Open to all teachers. Competition deadline 31 May so hurry with your entry!

  • 26th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

    A European Commission initiative set up to promote the ideals of co-operation and interchange between young scientists. The Contest is the annual showcase of the best of European student scientific achievement attracting widespread media interest.

  • Science on Stage Festival 2015

    This year's theme is 'Illuminating Science Education'. Teachers will encourage each other by sharing experiments and teaching ideas for science, technology and mathematics education. An international jury will evaluate the projects in the fair.

  • F1 in Schools

    Annual Formula one competition to design, construct and race the fastest Formula One Car of the Future, powered by compressed air cylinders. Open to school teams everywhere. Can you beat the world record of 1.020 seconds?

  • The Energy Future

    What would it be like to live without energy' No heat, no power, no transport! Challenge students on questions such as how to meet the growing demand for energy; what sources will prove more sustainable? Watch the Energy Future film and take the tests. The best prepared and quickest responses will win. Competition opens in September 2014 - get ready now by watching the first instalment of the film.

  • Leaders Award for STEM

    Explore the range of opportunities open to 5-19 year olds in STEM subjects by registering for a Leaders Award. Students will have the opportunity to interact with STEM professionals as well as developing key skills. Registration can be by an individual student or a teacher on behalf of a group of students.