Communities of practice are where collaboration and sharing amongst teachers and students takes place. In the Inspiring Science Education portal build communities by discussing, sharing and swapping ideas at a thematic, school, national or international level. You can set up your school community as well as join one connected to a specific E-Learning tool or theme such as:

Search for the most popular communities and also the most recent and identify through the use of key words the ones that best suit your needs ' or you can set one up yourself in your own language or in English for cross-border collaboration.! You can invite members, add resources, start a discussion, create a poll and more.

Find out what other schools and teachers are involved in ' participate in a community of practice today!

Share and Discuss

Teachers can set up a community around a specific topic like how to measure pH or show how Chlorophyll works. Share ideas about how to teach the specific topic, highlight tools and resources that you find handy and put forward ways to assess whether students really understand what is being taught.

Plan and Prepare

Students can use a community to work on a joint project involving 2 or more schools. Teachers can create their own resources or adapt existing ones to help them make their project come to life. Through the community you can share the results and lesson plans.

Support and Develop

Teachers can join communities already active in a topic they find interesting enabling them to access resources, share knowledge and build relationships benefiting from the experience and know-how of other teachers. To further your professional development a series of Academies have been created.