Workshops and webinar in Croatia for ISE schools

The last few weeks were filled with educational possibilities for the Croatian Inspiring Science Education (ISE) teachers as well as the participants of the ISE competition Make the Right Move: Inspire Science Education.

The Workshop Cooperative learning and Edmodo was organized by The Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet on 6th May 2014 in Osijek. Workshop lecturer and a teacher Mrs. Adrijana Leko, taught about 15 participants - teachers, how to implement contemporary educational approaches such as the so called flipped classroom. Teachers also learned how they can get involved in Edmodo - virtual community of teachers - and use it in their everyday work.

Just two days after that, CARNet organized a webinar Programmes and web 2.0 tools in the classroom where teachers could learn how to use various e-tools in the classroom for making presentations, mental maps, diagrams, posters, and search engines. About 50 teachers attended the webinar that was held by teacher Mrs. Vesna Tomi. The video of the webinar is available at: http://www.carnet.hr/webinari/odrzani/Primjena_web_2.0_alata.

A very interesting workshop Introduction to gas laws and thermodynamic theory: conceptual understanding of basic physical relations with the assistance of drama exercises was organized on 09th May 2014. It ran in three locations, Zagreb, eerana and arengrad, that connected with videoconferencing and also participants collaborated via Google docs. It was held by a science promoter Mr. Bojan Markievi with the help of two demonstrators and 34 teachers attended it. They learned how to implement drama exercises in teaching gas laws and to creatively understand aggregate conditions. Since this workshop was quite interesting and useful to the participants we plan to implement it again next year.

Photographs from the events:

Image iconWebinar about web 2 O tools.png

Image iconGaslaws 1 Sarengrad.png

Image iconGaslaws 2 Sarengrad.png

Image iconGaslaws 1 Zagreb.png

Image iconGaslaws 1 Secerana.png

Image iconGaslaws 2 Secerana.png

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