Workshops and Webinar in Croatia for ISE schools

June 2014 in the Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet was filled with educational activities for teachers willing to use technology. Workshop Google Drive and the Flipped Classroom was held on 3rd June 2014 in Opatija, Croatia. There were 22 participants ' teachers mostly involved in ISE project. Teacher Snjeana Fitrovi taught them how to incorporate the concept of flipped classroom that is based on ICT as well as using Google Drive tools in the classroom.

Big Ideas in Science ' Making a Learning Scenario was a webinar held on 5th June 2014. There were 32 teachers that virtually attended. CARNet experts Mrs. Aleksandra Mudrini Ribi and Mrs. Jasminka Maravi presented the ISE learning scenario as a form of preparation of a lesson that involves incorporation of the so called Big ideas in Science.

On the 24th June workshop Web 2.0 Tools in Classroom was held by a teacher Vesna Tomi at the Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet headquarters in Zagreb. About 20 teachers that participated were taught how to use programs for the development of educational materials Yenka and also WorldWall, as well as the amazing search engine Wolfram Alpha. All workshop materials are available via Moodle platform ' CARNet's online learning system.

See website links for details (in Croatian):
http://www.carnet.hr/ise/edukacija/odrzane#radionica_Web2.0_alati_Zagreb '?

More ISE educational activities in Croatia are coming soon!

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