Virtual Visit of 600 Greek and Cypriot students to CERN

The subatomic journey to Nobel Prize experiments at CERN continued on the 11th of March, this time in Greece and Cyprus. More than 600 high-schoolers from 12 schools in seven different locations across the two countries had the unique opportunity to visit the control room of the ATLAS experiment to interact live with Dr. K.Nikolopoulos, a Greek scientist who played a central role in the discovery of the Higgs Boson. The students learnt what it takes for CERN scientists to keep pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the origins of the Universe at the world's largest particle physics laboratory. This international-level virtual visit has been supported by the Open Discovery Space and Inspiring Science Education EU projects that aim to help science teachers find innovative ways to make their teaching of physics and science more inspirational, attractive and relevant to students' lives.
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