Successful Performance of F1 in Schools Demonstrator

A total of 16 student teams from 16 High Schools (Junior and Senior) participated in F1 in Schools National Finals hosted at the American College Center for STEM Education in Thessaloniki Greece, from 24th to 26th April 2015.

A parallel implementation of the ISE Demonstrators F1 in Schools and F1 in Schools Challenge - Connection to STEM concepts and principles was also organized.

A total number of 151 students participated in the Lessons, and a total number of 98 students answered allPSC Questions.

Besides answering the PSC questions, each team/class submitted an up to 20pages Portfolios and 10min Verbal Presentation describing the five learning activities (Orienting, Design, Planning, Investigation, and Analysis) of inquiry-based teaching that they implemented within the F1 in Schools technology competition.

Assessment items (Key Performance Indicators) specified by the regulations of the F1 in Schools competition were used by the judging committee to evaluate the outcomes of the 16 teams/classes and award their efforts. Students also learn during the assessment process, it is not simply a 'grade' that is tacked on at the end of a paper. The main Learning outcomes are:

-'''? To enrich the teaching of STEM subjects.

-'''? To demonstrate how the use of the ISE Tools (Logger Lite) and Recourses (F1inSchools) could help teachers in their everyday school practices.

-'''? To challenges students to learn through engagement in a series of real problems that they are likely to face as future professionals.

More info onwww.f1inschools.gr. Visit also the Facebook page ofF1 in Schools Greece.