Successful Performance of Eratosthenes Experiment in 129 Croatian Schools

On March 19th 2015 in Europe, and a day later in the rest of the world, Eratosthenes experiment has been performed. Eratosthenes experiment is a global experiment in which the Earth's circumference is calculated with regards to the meridian. The calculations can be done on the day when the Sun rays are falling vertically to the Earth. That occurrence happens during the Summer solstice and the circumference of the Earth can be calculated with the help of a stick and the Sun's shadow.

The experiment has been performed in Croatia as a part of the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project, and CARNet as national coordinators held a webinar with the goal of providing detailed instructions regarding the registration process, Solar eclipse and other contests that were offered to help motivate professors to participate.

There were three key activities and contests in which the schools were able to participate. Every contests had the same prize which is ISE summer school in Greece (http://ise.ea.gr/), and the winner has all the costs (traveling, accommodation, catering and fees) covered by the relevant scholarship. The winners will be announced in the second half of April. More information about the experiment itself as well as the link to the webinar is available on the following link:


Croatian schools have yet again shown the enthusiasm and initiative with as many as 129 professors participating in the experiment. This figure is even more astonishing as the total of 507 schools participated worldwide.

We remind you that you are still in time to participate to the Eratosthenes Photo Contests! Deadline is April 19!

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