Successful implementation of ISE project in Croatia

During the last more than two years, Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, as a national coordinator, invested a lot of effort to achieve goals of the ISE project. The results are more than successful:

  • CARNet overreached project goal for involving schools in the project! It was planned that CARNet should include 313 Croatian schools till the end of the project and,at this moment, 423 schools are participating in the project!
  • 1,000 people enrolled in the Croatian ISE Massive Open Online Course.More than 60% of participants have successfully finished the Basic 4 week course and the Advanced course has started on November 30th with more than 680 participants.
  • Additionally, CARNet has organised Croatian virtual visit to CERN with about 200 participants at CARNet Users Conference and more than 500 participants that watched streaming. It was the first Croatian visit and the biggest one in a history of virtual visits.

CARNet will continue to work on popularisation of science subjects and inspiring teachers to involve ICT in their teaching.