Stipulating innovation in STEM learning and teaching with the use of serious games

Dr Petros Lameras of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) at Coventry University (UK) was keynote speaker at the recent eMadrid network summit in Spain, on 20 May. With a presentation entitled "Stipulating innovation in stem learning and teaching with the use of serious games", he presented ISE and and tested SimAULA with some students and teachers that had a go and play with it.

The presentation provided an overview of the SGI as a centre of excellence in serious games applied research in relation to the overarching applied research strands and the serious games that have been developed focusing on education, health and environment. Special emphasis was given on serious games for STEM learning and teaching (e.g.: SimAULA) stipulating the emergence of games that aim to enhance teachers and student skills, competencies and learning outcomes in formal and informal learning settings.

A discussion and reflection session followed, about games and other technology-based learning interventions for co-design, co-creation, measurement, analysis and visualisation of deeper learning processes, strategies, methods and knowledge forms enacted in games.


SimAULA is a gamified virtual classroom that creates an awareness on how to use inquiry-based learning for teaching science topics! SimAULA allows you to live the experience of teaching in a total controlled environment thus helping to "learn by doing" and to understand the factors that can affect positively or negatively the performance of your students improving your teaching effectiveness.
Within this safe environment, you can play, experiment and re-play without worrying about the possible consequences of your mistakes to the academic performance and personal development of your students.
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