SimAULA - An app to teach you Inquiry Based Learning!

SIMAULA is a gamified virtual classroom that creates an awareness on how to use inquiry-based learning for teaching science topics!

If you had the chance to test and improve your lesson plan based on IBL approache before apply it in classroom? This is what SimAULA is for! This application allows you to live the experience of teaching in a total controlled environment.

SimAULA will help you "learn by doing"and understand the factors that can affect positively or negatively the performance of your students improving your teaching effectiveness. Within the safe environment of SimAULA you can play, experiment and re-play but without worrying about the possible consequences of your mistakes to the academic performance and personal development of your students. The goal of SimAULA is to enhance through trianing your classroom management and behavior skills and learn to understand the needs of your students in order to adjust your lesson to their learning needs.

Please, visit the full Training Activity availableherefor SIMAULA!