The second Inspiring Science Festival in Ludus, Romania

The second Inspiring Science Festival was held on 16 April at 'Ioan Vladutiu' Secondary School from Ludus, in Mures county, in the midlle of Romania. Again, 106 students presented their interesting experimental activities with a remarcable joy of knowledge. The activities can be seen on: http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/activities/840774.

The jury conducted by the scholar inspector for Physics and Chemistry, Adriana Grama, selected the best of them for taking the prizes.

On the other side, 23 teachers, principals and inspectors from Mures county participated in the 'Inspiring Science Experimental Approaches' Workshop where Mihaela Garabet, Lorena and Adrian Olaru moderated the topics: presentation of ISE portal, Big Ideas of and about Science, ISE demonstrators and lessons.

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