The Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Toolkit is now online

A cross-cutting issue of Horizon 2020, the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) concept pushed forward by the European Commission (EC) aims to foster and facilitate research and innovation in an inclusive, societally-oriented way. The EC-fundedRRI Tools projecthas gathered and developed online resources 'the RRI Toolkit' allowing closer interactions of the actors of research and innovation systems. It also addresses topics such as open access, gender in science, ethics, science education, governance, public engagement.

The toolkit is designed for all stakeholders of the research system - researchers, policy-makers, business and industry, educators, and civil society organizations - and for individuals as well as institutions. For more information on the scope and concept of RRI, please consult this page:www.rri-tools.eu/about-rri

What is in the RRI Toolkit?

As of today, the RRI Toolkit contains 356 resources that will help to design and bring projects to life, and to train on Responsible Research and Innovation.These resources include:

'''''inspiring practices;

'''''manuals, guidelines, how-tos, catalogues and online databases of resources;

'''''background documents including presentations, reports, cross-analysis and pan-European surveys;

'''''other European projects that developed RRI resources; and,

'''''a self-reflection tool to assess professional practices.

Please take into account that this is a beta version of the RRI Toolkit. The complete version will be available in July 2016.

The RRI Toolkit belongs to the RRI Community

The RRI Toolkit is a dynamic resource open to a growing European Community of Practice. By joining this community you will be able to participate in discussion fora and get support from other practitioners. You will also be able to contribute to the further developments of the toolkit by uploading your own tools and resources:www.rri-tools.eu/registration