Resource of the Week: Eratosthenes Experiment - Elementary School

We are delighted to announce that starting from this week we will be publishing the resource of the week, which you can find here in the News section.

This week's resource is all about Eratosthenesexperiment and it is addressed to science teachers who want to show their students how small we are in comparison with Earth's size. In order to do so, you can useour tools and our resources availablehere.

Eratosthenes was able to give an important contribution to science in 3rd century B.C. thanks to...the Sun!

His aim was to find scientific answers to these two questions:

- How huge is the Earth compared to us?

- And how do we know that Earth is round?

Join the activities and share your results with the ISE community: simple ideas can often lead to scientific discoveries!

It's your turn!

Inspiring Science Education is running two contests combined with Eratosthenes Experiment:

-TheEratosthenes Photo Contest, which can bring you to the2016 Inspiring Science Education Summer Academy in Athens. The deadline for submitting your photo is10th April 2016.

- TheEratosthenes Online Lesson Contest,from 21 to 30 March 2016;

Join with your school at:http://eratosthenes.ea.gr/