Report on the Gravitational Waves Scenario

Responding immediately to the announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves, an innovative Educational Scenario concerning the Detection of Gravitational Waves has been developed on the ISE platform using cutting edge digital resources and e-tools in the framework of Inquiry Based Learning.

The first runs of the scenario in Greece have been greeted with enthusiasm by the students who were very motivated both by the astrophysics connection of the activity and the hands-on component which enabled them to understand how a Gravitational Wave detector operates and also allowed them to optimize such a detector to ensure a higher field of view for the detector in the cosmos.

Untill now, the English version of the Scenario has achieved 179 views and the Greek version has achieved 185 views, implying a very high acceptance from the ISE teacher communities as well as a forthcoming multitude of runs in the high school classroom.

If you have not checked it, seethe educational process of the learning scenario and tobring modern science in your classroom:


Image:An artist's impression of gravitational waves generated by binary neutron stars.Credits: R. Hurt/Caltech-JPL