Recordings of the lecture on the first comet landing and webinar with CERN physicists

As a part of the Inspiring Science Education project, Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet participated on March 23rd at the event called ''10 dana astronomije'' (10 days of astronomy) which was held in the Croatian city of Daruvar from March 20th to March 29th. Also, on March 31st, they participated on the XII. Croatian Symposium of Physics Classes. The highlight of the symposium was the live stream of the CERN physicists and their presentation. More information about these events as well as links to the recordings are available on the links further on in the text.

10 Days of Astronomy 2015

The manifestation '10 Days of Astronomy 2015' which was held from March 20th to March 29th in Daruvar was organized by the astronomical society 'Kumova slama' in collaboration with Technical high school Daruvar. Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet participated in the roles of presenter, evaluator, observer and as a technical support of the part of the manifestation.

Inspiring Science Education (ISE) is a project funded by the European Commission under the CIP-ICT-PSP program to encourage the use of eLearning tools for enhancing and fostering Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) in European schools and provide support, education, examples and ideas for implementation of those to the professors. The goal is to increase the motivation and success among students. More information about the project is available on: http://www.carnet.hr/ise.

In the role of observer, CARNet's ISE team was present during the Eratosthenes experiment done by the students of Technical High School Daruvar. Students and professors evaluated the activity and results afterwards. When the experiment was finished, students had the opportunity to watch the sunspots with aid of several telescopes located in front of the school.

And last but not the least, thanks to the CARNet's technical support, there was a live streaming of the webinar which was hosted by Mr. Ante Radonic, head of the planetarium with astronautics at the Technical Museum of Zagreb and a large promoter of astronomy and astronautics. The lecture named 'First Landing on the Comet' presented the Rosetta space mission, its 10 year journey and tense but successful landing on the unusual comet with the importance of that mission on the mankind. The lecture and the stream was attended by 50 live attendees and over 200 online attendees. The recording of the lecture is available on: http://mod.carnet.hr/index.php?q=watch&id=4041.

XII. Croatian Symposium of Physics Classes

XII. Croatian Symposium of Physics Classes with the topic of 'Connecting physics classes and research' was held in Zadar from March 30th until April 1st 2015. In collaboration with Education and Teacher Training agency, Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet participated by presenting the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project and by providing technical support to the event that followed.

On March 31st all physics teachers were invited to participate in a presentation of the ISE project after which a live connection was made of the 'Croatian National Program for Teachers' that were at the CERN followed by a very interesting presentation. Croatian teachers at CERN were led by a prominent Croatian scientist and CARNet's collaborator dr. sc. Ivica Puljak. There were more than 200 teachers on the spot ' in Zadar. More than 100 others watched the online live streaming and from the distant locations observed the efforts of CARNet, Education and Teacher Training Agency and CERN physicists to popularize the science and STEM subjects with ISE project. The recording of this event is available on: http://mod.carnet.hr/index.php?q=watch&id=4043.