Presentation and discussion on the ATLAS experiment and the HYPATIA demonstrator

On 23 April a half day presentation and discussion about the ATLAS experiment and the HYPATIA demonstrator took place in premises of the General Lyceum of Pyli,Triakala, Greece.

The objective of the talk/hands-on implementation was to present the ISE HYPATIA demonstrator to the students and the teachers of the Trikala regin (central Greece). The students from two different schools (Pyli villaje and Trikala town) followed all steps of the demonstartor and answered the PISA questions on each step.The majorty of time was spent in the third phase where they used the embedded HYPATIA tool to search for Z and Higgs boons. At the end of the hands-on, the students took part in a virtual visit to CERN and had the opportunity to ask questions to the researchers present at CERN.

The results of the PISA accessment can be found at;


Seventeen answers were registered but students worked in group of two .Most students were from Pyli but there were a few students from the twon of Trikala as were (using a different nickname)

Learning outcomes

  • Acquaintance with the High-Energy Physics research and CERN
  • Familiarization with the ISE project
  • Familiarization with the HYPATIA demonstrator and event analysis techniques