OHS teacher continues learning with summer academy in Greece

An article appeared on the Ottawa Herald, a Canadian newspaper, about the ISE Summer Academy in Marathon, Greece, last 12-17 July as, after going back, JimDeane, an Ottawa high school teacher who took part in the event, was interviewed about his experience.

"When Jim Deane received an e-mail asking whether he'd like to travel to Greece to work with teachers from across the world, he didn't need a lot of time to say yes.

Deane, an Ottawa High School teacher and head of the school's science department, was one of 20 U.S. physics teachers to attend the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) Summer Academy July 12-17 in Marathon, Greece.

'This was an incredible opportunity to work with teachers from several other nations,' he said, adding that he met and worked with teachers from Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Portugal and the African island nation of So Tom and Prncipe."

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