New ISE demonstrator implementation for two high schools in Chalkida (Greece)

On Thursday 10 March,24 students from the 4th High school of Chalkida (Evia, Greece) and 26 students from the 5th High school of Chalkida aged 12-15, under the initiative of the Evia EKFE responsable Mr. J. Michas, took part to a hands-on activity related to the research done at CERN. The activity took place at the PC labs of their respective schools; the students worked in groups of two for a couple of hours in front of the PC's on the ISE 'Let's accelerate Particles' demonstrator. An introduction to the principles of the CERN accelerators was presented to them by Dr. S. Chouridou and Mr. G. Vasileiadis. The students answered both knowledge and assessment questions. The results can be foundhereandhere.

The above delivery links were produced by the school responsable.

Learning Objectives

The activity achieved the following learning objectives:

  • Acquaintance with the High-Energy Physics research and CERN
  • Familiarisation with the ISE project
  • Familiarisation with the LHC game demonstrator and the particle acceleration techniques
  • Familiarisation with the structure of atoms and protons