MARCH (MAke science Real in sCHools)

MARCH (MAke scienceReal in sCHools) is a network that aims to bring together institutions, NGO's and educational establishments. It consists of nine partners that come from seven European countries, including the UK, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Portugal. Key objectives of the network are:

  • To help young people to actively contribute to the learning process
  • To argue in favour of the relevance of science to everyday life
  • To promote science as a force that can build up active citizens
  • To highlight the relationship between science skills and future employability

MARCH uses a collaborative learning environment to share innovative content and best practices in Science Education for secondary schools. All partners involved, see a need to improve science education that could increase the employability of our students. In order to achieve our goals we use new and innovative learning techniques that make science learning more attractive and more appealing to younger people. MARCH aimes to reach more than 10000 schools across Europe and attract the interest of thousands of young students.