ISE webinar “What is the Universe made of?” held in Croatia

On 30 January 2015, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB), Ph. D. Ivica Puljak leaded the Inspiring Science Education webinar titled "What is the Universe made of?".

It was one of the most visited CARNet webinars with more than 150 registered participants. Beside the teachers, this webinar was joined by the students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, specifically from the Department of Geography and the Department of Primary Education, also high school students from Supetar on Brač, as well as students of the Elementary school Gustava Krkleca and many others. Cheerful atmosphere that prevailed in the five classrooms of an Elementary school in Velika Gorica that also joined the webinar, can be seen in the photo.

As we can see in the comments on Adobe Connect collaborative tool chat, webinar participants were extremely satisfied. They found the webinar experience inspiring, interesting and fun, and some of them humorously exaggerated telling that they were sorry they have not studied physics.

Also worth pointing out is that this webinar was part of the official program of the County Teacher Council of Mathematics Teachers in Split-Dalmatia County, and as an introduction project Inspiring Science Education was presented.

During the fifty-minute webinar of Ph. D. Puljak, participants were presented with the story of the development of the Universe and showed what it consists of, when it stopped spreading, when it became transparent and filled with light, and many other interesting things.

CARNet's team intention is to organize the same webinar in English, what we will announce timely.

For all those who couldn't join the webinar, a video of the webinar is available here.