ISE Summer Academy 2015

The 2015 Summer Academy of Inspiring Science Education is being carried out in Golden Coast Hotel, Marathonas, Attiki, Greece.

Teachers and educators from all over Europe have joined to participate in the training course, which comprises 8 hours of lectures and demonstrations and 15 hours of hands-on workshops. The programme of the academy can be found here: http://ise.ea.gr/sites/default/files/programme2015.pdf

The lectures and demonstrations are being held in an auditorium equipped with a data projector and a laptop, whereas the workshops are being carried out in a multimedia laboratory where each participant will have direct access to a PC in order to carry out the planned exercises. In this context, teachers have conducted a virtual visit at CERN, and a live connection and observation with the Faulkes Telescope .

These sessions are framed with field trips and hands-on outdoors activities that regard innovative ways for creatig links between schools, research centres and non-formal learning settings.
In the context of their participation in the Summer Academy, participants have visited the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Cape Sounio and the Acropolis Museum.