ISE Learning Scenario: Gravitational Waves in Class

It is a fact! A hundred years after the development of Einstein's theory of General Relativity, each most spectacular confirmation has arrived:

1.3 billion years ago, two giant black holes,

with a mass of about 30 times greater than the mass of the Sun

and speed close to the speed of Light,

collided causing a majestic cataclysmic cosmic event.

The energy released caused the creation of gravitational waves that could be to be detected on Earth; actually they are "ripples" in space-time, which have been traveling in the universe with the speed of Light since .

These gravitational waves arrived on Earth on 14 September 2015 and they have been detected by the detector LIGO in the US. This discovery opens a new window to the study of the Universe and initiates the era of 'Gravitational Wave Astronomy'.

Inspiring Science Education (www.inspiringscience.eu), once again, offers a unique interactive learning scenario, that helps students to learn about gravitational waves as they will trace one of the discoveries of our century in modern science, by becoming young researchers'!

Students will actively learn about the giant detector LIGO using digital edge learning tools, hosted on the Inspiring Science Education platform. They will use real data from LIGO detector to explore the parameters that affect the sensitivity of such a detector, sharpening and evaluating their problem solving skills!

Check the educational process of the learning scenario and to bring modern science in your classroom: