ISE Croatia welcomes the 100th school into the project

On February 6th 2015 the CARNet Inspiring Science Education team inducted the 100th Croatian school into the ISE project. Secondary school Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir from Krk has a total of 374 students and 40 professors. Initially, 10 professors will be a part of the project, but the number will certainly increase over time. Currently, there are 67 primary and 33 secondary schools from Croatia that joined the ISE project.

Throughout the duration of the project, CARnet is holding the numerous educations on different aspects of ICT use in education for professors in both primary and secondary schools. These educations are targeted mainly to the natural sciences and STEM professors as well as those teaching grades 1 to 4. The priority to register for the educations have the professors from ISE schools. So far, CARNet's ISE team was joined by 832 professors and that number is increasing daily.

Most of the educations were held throughout the country, while some have been held on several locations at once via videoconferencing. Three webinars were also held.

It is a great motivation to see that the value of different educations, cooperation among schools and use of ICT in class has been recognized, and CARNet is certain that it will only going to get even more widely accepted.

Check out more on the CARNet website.