Inspiring Science Learning Scenarios coming to a classroom near you

The Inspiring Science Project partners are working to create innovative Learning Scenario Demonstrators for use in the classroom. Here are some examples featuring the easy to use tools you can find in the Showcases section

Would you and your students like to:

  • Control the planets of a starsystem, simulate orbiting planets and gravitational forces in the searing heat of the sun, seehow many planets you can keep in orbit.1_37 Shooting Star.pdf
  • Design, construct and race in national and international heatsa small scale Formula One Carpowered by compressed air cylinders.PDF icon1_15_F1 in Schools.pdf

  • Work on electromagnetic radiation using awavelength summary table, look at spectral regimes and their day-to-day and astronomy uses.PDF icon1_43_the multiwavelength universe.pdf

These and many more ready to use lessons for inquiry-based teaching and learning will soon be available on the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) portal. Register on the portal and you could be an ISE pilot school! Take a look at the Participate section of this website or go directly to the Portal page.