Inspiring Science Education project for new e-teachers

While we await for the winner of Inspiring Science Education (ISE) competition Napravi pravi POTEZ to be proclaimed, two CARNet's workshops for teachers in ISE project have been done in Zagreb during the October and November.
The workshops called 'e-Teacher ' contemporary lectures with the use of technology' have been held on October 20th and November 3rd, and almost 40 teachers actively participated. The teachers were interested to see the possibilities that using the Google Drive software provides. They tested the software and took a role of being the students in an online classroom themselves. Also, they explored the bubbl.us tool directed to creation of conceptual maps and learned how to create a video in Movie Maker tool.
All of the tools that have been presented had their own freeware, are very easy to use and intuitive, and as such are very practical for the end users' needs.
Before the presentation of the tools themselves, a theoretical introduction was provided and teachers were able to learn about the importance of e-learning, real world examples and facts, discussed the reasons to join e-learning, expectations and views about them, approaches and types of teaching and defining the teaching outcomes. This workshop was done twice due to the high demand. Participants were very motivated and active in the discussion and expressing their opinions on the given topic.

Part of the atmosphere can be seen in the following albums:

'October 20th

'November 3rd.

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