Hands-on interactive computer lab and the HYPATIA demonstrator

The implementation was part of a three day winter school organised by the Greek Society of Physicists for the very best students of age 13-17. Students from several schools in the Athens area participated.

The computer lab of the ATI had 15 PC' available where the students worked in groups of two. The activity was divided into two parts:

The first one for high school students aged 13-15 where the principle of the CERN accelerators was presented to them by Dr.S.Chouridou and the students tried to 'Accelerate particles' using the new corresponding demonstrator and answered both knowledge and assessment questions. The results can be found at http://goo.gl/ti2Adc

The objective of second lab was a talk/hands-on implementation given by C.Kourkoumelis and S.Vourakis. They presented the ISE HYPATIA demonstrator to students aged 15-17. The students followed all steps of the demonstrator and answered the PISA questions on each step.The majority of time was spent in the third phase where they used the embedded HYPATIA tool to search for Z and Higgs boons. The results of the PISA accessment can be found at http://goo.gl/UFYxUp

Learning outcomes

  • Acquaintance with the High-Energy Physics research and CERN
  • Familiarisation with the ISE project
  • Familiarisation with the LHC game demonstrator and the particle acceleration techniques
  • Familiarisation with the HYPATIA demonstrator and event analysis techniques