A Game that Teaches you How to Use Inquiry-Based Learning in your Science Classroom

SimAULA can help you enhance your classroom and behavior management skills within a safe and fun virtual classroom environment. The most significant aspect of using SimAULA is that it provides you with lived experiences that are transferrable to the real classroom setting. During the game you are the teacher and you will have the opportunity to experience a rich variety of real-life classroom situation scenarios. You have the ability to decide the topic for the lesson, the method of facilitation, and the time and equipment used for each part of your session. Throughout the game, you will be scored on how appropriate your decisions are to the situation, and how well you have managed to retain the attention of the class. Virtual students will give feedback and answer questions, and disruptive students need to be dealt with. At the end, your performance will be assessed and feedback on your decisions will be given.

SimAULA is a challenging game offering endless possibilities for development through constant practice and reflection. SimAULA will help you 'learn by doing' and understand the factors that can affect positively or negatively the performance of your students improving your teaching effectiveness. Within the safe environment of SimAULA you can play, experiment and re-play but without worrying about the possible consequences of your mistakes to the academic performance and personal development of your students. The goal of SimAULA is to enhance through trianing your classroom management and behavior skills and learn to understand the needs of your students in order to adjust your lesson to their learning needs.

Please, visit the full Training Activity availableherefor SIMAULA!

SIMAULA is a gamified virtual classroom that creates an awareness on how to use inquiry-based learning for teaching science topics!

Imagine a classroom where you can learn how to teach or practice to teach more effectively. Imagine teaching in a friendly, safe and controlled environment that meet your needs and allow you to experiment on different teaching strategies and techniques on virtual students that behave as real. Imagine being able to design authentic learning experiences based on your own daily work experiences.

Would you like to test your lesson before implementing it into your classroom and identify any possible mistakes without worrying for the consequenses on your students? Would you like to maximize the academic performance of your classroom via constant training? Would you like to maximize your teaching expertize and enhance your self-efficacy, self-esteem and confidence?