F1 in Schools Challenge for Primary and Secondary Schools

29 school teams participated in F1 in Schools Greece ' National Finals hosted at the Ellinogermaniki Agogi, from 22nd to 24th April 2016.

The ISE demonstrator 'F1 in Schools Initiative - (English V.3)' was used to qualify the teams for the finals.

A total number of 187 students participated in the above Demonstrator from Mar. 2016 to April. 2016, and a total number of 144 students answered allPSC Questions. The demonstrator gives students the chance to use industry 3D design and analysis tools and learn real-world skills.

ach team submitted also a 10pages Design and Engineering Portfolio describing the five learning activities (Orienting, Design, Planning, Investigation, and Analysis) of inquiry-based teaching that they implemented within the F1 in Schools technology competition.

Assessment items (Key Performance Indicators) were used by the judging committee to evaluate the outcomes of the 29 teams and award their efforts. Students also learn during the assessment process, it is not simply a 'grade' that is tacked on at the end of a paper.

The main Learning outcomes are:

-'''? To enrich the teaching of STEM subjects.

-'''? To demonstrate how the use of the ISE Tools (Logger Lite) and Recourses (F1inSchools) could help teachers in their everyday school practices.

-'''? To challenges students to learn through engagement in a series of real problems that they are likely to face as future professionals.

In the same place on Friday 22 April 2016 was held the first F1 in schools Greece ' Jaguar Competition for Primary Schools. It was a pilot contest - demonstration of F1 racing car models created from 8 student teams from primary schools in Athens.