Ending of ISE project in Croatia: aiming for sustainability

After more than three years of implementing ISE project in Croatia, Croatian Academic and Research Network is more than satisfied with the project results. Aiming to mark successful implementation of the project, disseminate project results and ensure sustainability we have organized Final ISE event.

This educational event was held on October 14th 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia and attended by about 25 people. Live streaming was also organized and there were about 275 viewers.

At the beginning of the event principal of CARNet Zvonimir Stani highlighted the impact on ISE project in Croatian schools and the role of ICT in contemporary teaching. CARNet team members have presented key results of the ISE project.

First part of this event was dedicated to an inspiring lecture "Why and how do we research the universe?" held by Ph.D. Ivica Puljak, full professor of physics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split, researcher at CERN and a member of the CMS and MAGIC collaborations.

The second part of the event was devoted to presenting several teacher experiences in participating in the project and using technology in the classroom, especially ISE learning scenarios as well as implementation of the Eratosthenes experiment. We have also awarded about 10 teachers with acknowledgements for outstanding participation in the ISE project. Video of the event is available on this link.

At the end of ISE project there are 457 Croatian schools that took part in the pilot project while the project goal was 313 schools. Our various online and face-to-face educational activities have been recognized by our teachers since we have had about 6 500 participants, including the last final event! Due to such great results CARNet has produced a short thank you video aiming to demonstrate appreciation to Croatian teachers for taking part in the project. We have disseminated the video in December 2016 and it is viewed more than 900 times. Video is available on this link.

We are inviting teacher to continue with popularising STEM and enriching their teaching with ISE technology.