Croatian 3rd practice reflection workshop and remote participation at LINQ conference

Titled 'Inspired teachers for innovative learning', the Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet organized the 3rd practice reflection workshop as part of this event, on April 23rd 2015 in the Elementary School "Mejai" Split.

3rd practice reflection workshop goal was to inspire science teachers to plan lessons based on inquiry based learning methods. The workshop was attended by over 20 teachers, who were informed about ISE project news related to developing ISE portal - a central place where you can find e-tools, educational resources and learning scenarios with a focus on science subjects ( http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/ise ).
Special attention at the workshop was devoted to the presentation of the ISE learning scenarios that have been developed within the project, as a kind of digital preparation for lessons with integrated multimedia content. The scenarios are inquiry based and have different teacher's and student's interface.
Also, teachers learned about ISE tools - Google Earth and Stellarium, about tools potential to achieve greater motivation of their students.
Finally, two good practice examples were presented. The first example in the authorship of Mrs. Daniela Rui Mrak, Professor in primary school Kneza Branimira (Donji Mu) demonstrated experience of participating in the Eratosthenes experiment in 2015 and 2014 to the participants. Another good practice example in the authorship of Ana Marija Saer, Professor in primary school Majstora Radovana (Trogir) provided the innovative design of computer science subject concerning short writing of logical statements, that she prepares for participation in the Croatian ISE competition Make the right move 2014. Photos from the workshop in Split can be found at ISE project Facebook page.

CARNet @ LINQ 2015

Additionally to the mentioned workshop participants in Croatia, participants at the ISE conference that was a part of LINQ conference 2015 (Learning Innovations and Learning Quality) were informed about ISE project implementation in Croatia. LINQ conference was held from 11th to 13th May in Bruxelles.

Presentation was held remotely, trough collaborative tool Adobe Connect. Presentation can be found here http://www.slideshare.net/IseCroatia/ise-carnetlinq-2015, and more information about conference here http://www.inspiringscience.eu/event/ise-conference-open-innovation-schools.