Cooperation with new ISE affiliated partner Astronomical society Kumova slama Daruvar: live streaming lectures of Croatian scientists

Based on good cooperation with the Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet, Astronomical society Kumova slama Daruvar from Croatia has signed an agreement with the Inspiring Science Education project coordinators and became ISE affiliated partner. This agreement ensures continuation of good cooperation and mutual dissemination activities.

As a part of the ISE project, CARNet participated in expert lectures held in Daruvar, Croatia on 1 April and 4 April 2016 at the event "10 days of astronomy". It was organised by the Astronomical society Kumova slama Daruvar in collaboration with Technical high school Daruvar.

CARNet provided technical support for live streaming of two interesting lectures. The first lecture, called "Did we avoid the predictable great ice age by a hairbreadth'?, was held on 1 April by a Croatian physicist and university professor, academic Vladimir Paar. Live streaming was watched by more than 700 attendees. Recording of the lecture is available at this link: https://meduza.carnet.hr/index.php/media/watch/11161 .

The second lecture, called 'From the Earth to the Moon', was held on 4 April by an astronomer, professor Ante Radoni, head of the Technical Museum Planetarium in Zagreb. This lecture was watched by more than 600 attendees. The recording of this lecture is available at the following link: