ATLAS experiment and HYPATIA analysis tool mini masterclass in Korinth

A half day presentation and workshop in the form of a mini Masterclass wasorganized by IASA in cooperation with the 4th General Lyceum of Korinth. The participants were 50 students selected from all four luceums of Korinth. The students were introduced to the world of high energy physics and the work being done at CERN. They were shown how to get hands-on experience about the new discoveries of physics in that field and how to use the available tools and activities though an a inquiry based method. This way they were provided with resources for bridging the gap between active research and schools.The event included presentation of the ATLAS experiment and CERN, discussion on Inspiring Science Education, presentation of the HYPATIA analysis tool and a workshop in which 26 students participated.

Program of the day:

' 10:00-11:00'? Introduction to CERN, ATLAS and the new Boson (C.Kourkoumelis)

' 11:00-11:30'? Break

' 11:30-13:00 Presentation of the HYPATIA analysis tool and workshop where the students 'discover' the Z and Higgs bosons (S.Vourakis, G.Vasileiadis)

' 13:00'14:00 Virtual Visit to the ATLAS experiment at CERN (N.Tsirintanis, A.Alexopoulos, C.Kourkoumelis)

Website: http://4lyk-korinth.kor.sch.gr/