Agreements Signed with the Ministry of Education in Portugal for Science Education Projects

The Inspiring Science Education partner NUCLIO signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education in Portugal to further collaboration and mutual support for science education projects, with a particular focus on European Projects.The new agreement formalises the recognition of the Ministry of Education for the quality of the projects promoted by NUCLIO and ensures endorsement for all the certification to teachers, schools and students involved in the projects. Among these projects are Inspiring Science Education, Go-lab and Space Awareness.

The collaboration will allow NUCLIO to provide certification endorsed by the Ministry of Education to students, teachers, and schools, under the framework of Galileo Teacher Training Programme (GTTP) activities, which also endorsed by International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO.
The agreement was signed by Jos Vitor Pedroso, Education General Director and Rosa Doran, President of the Executive Council. This collaboration will further open doors for international partner projects as they have the endorsement through NUCLIO.
'To NUCLIO this is a very important moment, a moment for recognition of the quality of our work and the start of a stronger collaboration with our education authorities. This agreement celebrates milestones achieved but set the tone for the future' says Rosa Doran of NUCLIO. The event was participated by several NUCLIO associates, pilot teachers and Sofoklis Sotiriou from Ellinogermaniki Agogi whom shared his vision for the future of science education.