The 8th Inspiring Science Festival in Caracal, Olt, Romania

The 8th Inspiring Science Regional Festival was held on 18 June at The National College 'Ionita Asan' from Caracal, Olt, in the South-Western part of Romania.

68 students and their teachers presented very interesting experimental activities. Many of the participants where under 10 years old. The activities can be seen on: http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/activities/840774

The jury: Luminita Floricel - Continuing education and extracurricular activities Inspector for Olt County, Titu Virban ' Principal of The National College 'Ionita Asan' from Caracal and Dr. Mihaela Garabet choose the best of them for taking prizes and representing the county at the National Contest of Inspiring Science Experimental Project which will be held in Sinaia, between 29-30 June 2016.

23 teachers and inspectors from Olt county participated in the 'Inspiring Science Experimental Approaches' Workshop, where Mihaela Garabet moderated the topics: sharing of ISE experiences, ISE demonstrators and lessons, trandisciplinary approaches of science, etc.

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