The 6th Inspiring Science Festival in Piatra-Neamt, Romania

The 6th Inspiring Science Regional Festival was held on 11 June at Computer Science National College from Piatra-Neamt. This town is situated in the North-Eastern part of Romania. 36 students and their teachers presented very interesting experimental activities, many of them hands-on developed.

The activities could be seen on: http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/activities/840774

The jury conducted by Drd. Diana Bejan, teacher of Physics at Computer Science National College from Piatra-Neamt, had a great mission in selecting the best experiment to assign it a prize.

23 teachers and principals from Neamt county participated in the 'Inspiring Science Experimental Approaches' Workshop, where Mihaela Garabet moderated the topics: sharing of ISE experiences, ISE demonstrators and lessons, trandisciplinary approaches of science, etc.

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