2nd Practice Reflection workshop in Croatia and final of Croatian ISE competition

The Second Practice Reflection workshop and the final of the Croatian competition Make the Right Move: Inspire Science Education that aimed at spreading the usage of ICT in teaching technical, science and similar subjects, was organized as a joint event by the The Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet. It took place on November 19th 2014 as part of the CARNet's 16th Users Conference - CUC 2014.

More than 20 teachers were present at the workshop and the e-learning caf that concerned different aspects of e-learning and ICT tools. Good practices of ICT implementation in the classroom were given by the teachers that were awarded within the mentioned competition. They competed in developing and implementing an ISE learning scenario that includes ICT in the area of natural and technical sciences, engineering, technology, informatics and similar. More than 70 teachers were interested in this competition and 19 learning scenarios were applied and mostly published in the ISE portal.

Therefore, three winners presented their work. The third place and tablets were awarded to Adrijana Leko and Ivana Knezovi from Elementary school dr. Franjo Tuman, arengrad for a learning scenario named 'Water ' matter of life: the water properties'. The second place and laptops were awarded to Ina Pendi and Suzana Poljak from Elementary school Jurja Dobrile, Rovinj. They presented their scenario named 'Sir Cumference and the dragon of Pi'. The winner of the competition was Nedeljko Begovi from Secondary school Matija Antun Reljkovi, Vinkovci. His winning scenario named 'Movement of the ball down the slope and fall off the table' won him the hearts of the jury and further education in Urbino, Italy at the 7th in-service training TACCLE IST COURSE 2015 titled "Creating your own e-learning content in school education and adult education".

The Croatian ISE team plans to organize a new competition next year based on such high interest of Croatian teachers and fulfillment of the ISE goals! Website