On 22 September 2016, 64 Romanian schools joined the ISE Eratosthenes Experiment

One of the schools that took part was 'Grigore Moisil' National College from Bucharest, where the beautiful sunny day offered the ideal conditions for measuring the shadow of the stick. Students from the 9th and 10th class found an angle of 44 degrees and they calculated the circumference of the Earth.

'It is one of the most interesting activities we made at school during spring and autumn equinox' said one student from the 10th class who participated also at the last Eratosthenes Experiment edition.

'I never imagined that we can calculate the circumference of the Earth by using the length of the shadow of a stick. It was challenging to measure the distance from our school to the Ecuator along the meridian by using Google maps.' said a girl from the 9th class.

The ISE Eratosthenes Experiment remains a very inspiring activity that can help in increasing the interest for learning Science.