2014-2105 Inspiring Science Competition Launches Today

The first annual Competition of the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project is open for entries today. The launch is taking place in Portugal at the Astronomy Education Alliance Meeting. ISE partners ATiT and Ncleo Interativo de Astronomia will be present, amongst others, with Sally Reynolds of ATiT formally presenting the Competition.

The ISE project is all about providing the tools to make science education more challenging, more playful and above all more imaginative and inspiring for today's students, the citizens of tomorrow's world. Tools are part of the answer. To be really successful in our objective we need inspiring teachers to use them! This is why the 2014-2015 Competition will recognise and reward inspirational science teaching practice.

The theme is light in recognition of next year's International Year of Light and the aim is to inspire ' collaborate - discover.'? To enter, teachers should run an interesting experiment in their science class between now and the end of March 2015, particularly demonstrating collaboration between students and teachers in 2 or more countries. Online resources, opportunities and tools are available to use in the ISE Community portal. The Awards will be presented at the Science on Stage festival in London, June 2015.

More information including how to enter, rules and prizes is available on the Competition section of the Inspiring Science Education website, email us atCompetition@inspiringscience.eu

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